Yggdrasil, the World Ash (Norse)

About the Nature Walk Project

The Yale Nature Walk is a project developed in Professor Marta Wells’s course EE&B 223L Evolution, Functional Traits, and the Tree of Life in conjunction with Yale Academic Technologists in the Center for Teaching and LearningThe project, which has spanned over three years, aims to develop a mobile pedagogical framework to engage students with authentic, collaborative, and creative active learning. 

Students were tasked with a project using mobile devices, mapping and web technology, research, and creative assignments. They added their trees to a collaborative map and the course site, all on-location using iPads. Their tree’s webpage contained scientific research and photographs taken by the students. Student presentations combined fact & feeling: dance, scents, songs, food, stories, painting, and more. 

This project promote digital literacy, interdisciplinary thinking, and biophilia. It engages students and the community while promoting awareness of Yale’s natural resources. We intend to create a public Nature Walk with the data students have contributed. We will welcome creative submissions from the community, such as artwork, poetry, photography, videos, or other types of media.

If you have comments or questions about the site, please contact Professor Marta Wells.





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