Tree ID: 147
Date of tree entry: February 17, 2022
The tree is very large with two bifurcations, causing it to have three main trunks. The branches were of the alternating pattern, and seed pods were observed on the ends of the branches. The bark was scaly.
Tree ID: 147
Date of tree entry: February 17, 2022
The most important thing about river birches is that they were declared by Prince Maximilian, Emperor of Mexico, to be the most beautiful of American trees -- a sentiment we definitely agree with. Some other things to know about river birches is that they are deciduous, upright, flowering trees...
Tree ID: 134
Date of tree entry: February 15, 2022
Beautiful little tree located outside of Pauli Murray, perfect size to hug. Friendly tree
River Birch
Tree ID: 128
Date of tree entry: February 25, 2021
The newly developed Science Hill, overlooking Hillhouse Ave., is filled with trees and shrubs, including several Betula nigra, or river birch, individuals. This specimen, located just across from Kroon Hall, is situated in a small garden area next to a ramp and walkway, distanced but within...
Tree ID: 93
Date of tree entry: February 5, 2019
While strolling to the Marsh Botanical Gardens, you can spot this beautiful yellow birch perched in the middle of a sloping hill just off of Prospect Street, near the parking lot of the gardens. This tree can be distinguished because of its complex system of multiple, twisting trunks and of its...
Tree ID: 66
Date of tree entry: February 8, 2017
Betula lenta, known by the common names of black birch, sweet birch, or cherry birch, is a native birch species present throughout much of eastern North America. It is valued for its wood, which when exposed to air darkens to resemble mahogany, as well as being a source of wintergreen oil. It has a...
Tree ID: 67
Date of tree entry: February 8, 2017
The Eastern Ironwood, known also as the American Hophornbeam, Eastern Hop-hornbeam, Hophornbeam, Ironwood, or Leverwood, stretches over much of the Eastern United States with its attractive foliage and bell-like inflorescences. Be sure to come in the summer to admire its attractive yellow-green...
Tree ID: 54
Date of tree entry: March 2, 2016
The paper birch, known as a white birch, silver birch, or canoe birch, rarely lives more than 140 years. It is a medium-sized deciduous tree that thrives in well drained, sandy loams on cool moist sites and is primarily noted and praised for its beautiful white bark. This paperlike bark has...
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