Cryptomeria japonica

Tree ID: 83
Date of tree entry: February 7, 2018
The Japanese red-cedar, otherwise called the "Japanese sugi pine" - known to the Japanese as Sugi - is a large evergreen tree which is native to Japan, can reach up to 70 m in height, and can reach trunk diameters of 4m. It serves as the national tree of Japan and is often planted around...
Tree ID: 25
Date of tree entry: March 1, 2016
The Japanese Cedar looks dorky at first, and that's because, well, it is. But it's also dangerous. That's right. What looks like a dorky tree to you is known in Japan as the cause of hay fever outbreaks nationwide, Public Enemy #1. It's so severe that the Japanese government...
Tree ID: 25
Date of tree entry: April 11, 2014
Japanese Cedar
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