Hamamelis virginiana

Tree ID: 161
Date of tree entry: February 8, 2023
Hamamelis virginiana, most commonly known as the American witch-hazel, grows as a small deciduous shrub or tree. Though the species name "virginiana" means "from Virginia," the American witch-hazel is native to the broader region of eastern North America. Multiple branches...
Tree ID: 107
Date of tree entry: February 23, 2021
Witch hazel is a small, vase-shaped shrub. It's a late blooming bush with distinct yellow flowers. It is well known for its medicinal uses.
Tree ID: 51
Date of tree entry: April 20, 2016
This American witch-hazel tree resides in the Grove-Street Cemetary, on the grave of Kingman Brewster, the seventeenth President of Yale University. The tree itself is small, with a short base and a number of stems and branches growing from that point. Its flowers are usually yellow in bloom, but...
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