Quercus rubra

Tree ID: 148
Date of tree entry: February 17, 2022
This young red oak tree lives just off of the Farmington Canal Heritage trail behind Pauli Murray College. This tree is both a grower and a show-er, growing over two feet per year and sporting beautiful orangey-red leaves in fall. Its wood is valued for its attractive grain and durability, and its...
Tree ID: 139
Date of tree entry: April 26, 2021
The northern red oak, Quercas rubra, is native to North America. The northern red oak can be found in forests throughout the Great Lakes region, Midwest, up to Nova Scotia, down to Mississipi, and all the way up to Maine. As the most common species of oak in the Northeast, one can expect to run...
Tree ID: 114
Date of tree entry: February 5, 2020
Located next to Sage Hall, this Northern Red Oak lumbers over its neighboring foliage.
Tree ID: 52
Date of tree entry: March 2, 2016
This mighty tree stands tall and proud in the Grove Street Cemetary. The red oak, ever regal, outshines all the trees near it. https://www.facebook.com/yaleredoak
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