Ulmus americana

A seven point five meter vase shaped elm tree covered in green flower buds in bright sunlight beside the western wall of Grove Street Cemetery and in front of Benjamin Franklin College.
Tree ID: 142
Date of tree entry: February 16, 2022
Found exteriorly bordering the western wall of the Grove Street Cemetery on Lock Street across from Yale Health, this tree may be identified by its snapped, still attached branch. Its canopy spans over the cemetery wall and shades the sidewalk for passerby. This is a relatively young elm with a...
Tree ID: 134
Date of tree entry: April 13, 2021
The American Elm is a species native to the eastern part of North America. It is a large deciduous, hermaphroditic tree that produces small perfect flowers in early spring. The flowers are wind pollinated, however, since they are protogynous (the female organs maturing before the male organs) this...
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