Tree ID: 158
Date of tree entry: February 8, 2023
This tree is commonly known as the Sugar Maple and belongs to the Sapindaceae family. It is situated on a bed of ivy near Prospect street. One defining characteristic of this particular tree is the way it is slanted. It has a very prominent curvature and it started growing leaves in the beginning...
Tree ID: 140
Date of tree entry: February 23, 2022
Acer saccharum, the Sugar Maple tree is native to the hardwood forests of Eastern Canada and the Northern United States, best known for being the primary source of maple syrup and for its brightly colored fall foliage. Sugar Maples are deciduous tress which normally reach heights of 25-35 m and can...
Photograph of the red maple with full summer foliage
Tree ID: 132
Date of tree entry: February 15, 2022
This red maple calls the patch of grass outside Ingall's Rink home, but its species can be found along the East Coast. Red maples have the greatest north-south range of any species that lies exclusively on the East coast of North America, growing in forest from Newfoundland down to the...
Tree ID: 130
Date of tree entry: April 21, 2021
This is a Japanese Maple Tree : Seiryu. It is one of the many cultivars of the Japanese maple and can be found worldwide as a stunning addition to one’s garden!
Tree ID: 115
Date of tree entry: February 25, 2021
The red maple, true to its name, produces fabulous red flowers, seeds, and foliage. The flowers appear first, in early spring, and the leaves turn bright red in late summer, before most other deciduous trees. Currently, the red maple has no leaves, however, we expect some lovely red foliage to...
Tree ID: 125
Date of tree entry: February 4, 2020
Image of Acer griseum
Tree ID: 96
Date of tree entry: February 6, 2019
This tree is known for its papery, peeling bark and distinctive orange-red color.
Tree ID: 63
Date of tree entry: April 17, 2017
This tree is located in the residential neighborhood bordering Prospect St, and close to the vegetation in Marsh Botanical Gardens. The red maple is one of the most common and widespread deciduous trees in Eastern and Central North America. It is super adaptable and has taken on a large variety of...
Tree ID: 17
Date of tree entry: April 13, 2014
The Sugar Maple is known primarily for its sweet sap which can be processed into syrup and its colorful leaves which change to hues of crimson, orange, and yellow in the fall. Many people think that the Canadian Flag takes its image from the sugar maple, but it is instead recognizable as a fusion...
Tree ID: 9
Date of tree entry: February 5, 2014
The horse chestnut is a shade and ornamental tree with an upright elliptical shape. It is native to southeast Europe (particularly the Pindus mountains mixed forests and the Balkan mixed forests of the Balkan peninsula), but it was introduced into other parts of Europe as well as North America. The...
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