Prospect and Sachem

Tree ID: 135
Date of tree entry: February 15, 2022
The White Fringetree (Chionanthus virginicus) is a dicot, deciduous tree with grey bark. During the spring and summer the tree blooms with dark green leaves small white flowers that don nicknames such as "Snowflower Tree," "Flowering Ash," "Old Man's Beard," and...
Tree ID: 133
Date of tree entry: February 15, 2022
Have you ever seen such a beautiful sight? If you answer that question with a yes, but you haven’t made it to the cross-section between Sachem and Prospect street, then you are lying. You will not see true beauty until you reach Ingalls rink. There lies, Petunia. This Wych Elm can be found outside...
Tree ID: 134
Date of tree entry: February 15, 2022
Beautiful little tree located outside of Pauli Murray, perfect size to hug. Friendly tree
picture of an eastern redbud
Tree ID: 136
Date of tree entry: February 15, 2022
The eastern redbud is a deciduous tree with a central leader and round/oval form. Its leaves are alternate, simple, heart-shaped, and range from 3-5 inches high and wide. The leaves take on an alternate form, and have entire margins. The apices are emarginate. The bases are cordate. This tree...
Tree ID: 131
Date of tree entry: February 15, 2022
This American Bittersweet is located outside the 'Whale' an ice rink considered a work of architectural majesty designed by Erno Saarinen. However, the real work of architectural splendor is this tree (a.k.a. Lillian) designed by nature.
Photograph of the red maple with full summer foliage
Tree ID: 132
Date of tree entry: February 15, 2022
This red maple calls the patch of grass outside Ingall's Rink home, but its species can be found along the East Coast. Red maples have the greatest north-south range of any species that lies exclusively on the East coast of North America, growing in forest from Newfoundland down to the...
Benjamin Franklin College, Stone Courtyard
Tree ID: 132
Date of tree entry: April 26, 2021
My window looks right onto the fullest part of this tree and I have lived in rooms that surround this courtyard for most of my Yale Undergraduate time. It has been lovely to see it grow into the magnificent tree we see today.
Tree ID: 133
Date of tree entry: April 5, 2021
This generous magnolia tree welcomes strangers and residents alike, whether they're rushing to class or walking home after a long day of work. Its fragrant, early-spring blossoms bring joy and vibrance to the neighborhood in the spring, and its ovular leaves turn a festive orange-y green in...
River Birch
Tree ID: 128
Date of tree entry: February 25, 2021
The newly developed Science Hill, overlooking Hillhouse Ave., is filled with trees and shrubs, including several Betula nigra, or river birch, individuals. This specimen, located just across from Kroon Hall, is situated in a small garden area next to a ramp and walkway, distanced but within...
Tree ID: 110
Date of tree entry: February 24, 2021
Contrary to its name, Sweet Fern is not actually a fern. It is a flowering shrub with fern-like leaves that is native to eastern North America. Today, Comptonia peregrina is the only extant species of Comptonia. Unfortunately, this specific Sweet Fern plant is dead.


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