Pinaceae (Pine)

Tree ID: 156
Date of tree entry: February 7, 2024
This Scots Pine is located in the Marsh Botanical Gardens. Currently has sparse leaves, many pine cones, and laterally extending branches.
Tree ID: 151
Date of tree entry: February 7, 2023
This tree is a cultivar of the Eastern White Pine which means it was cultivated especially for decorative use.
Tree ID: 137
Date of tree entry: April 15, 2021
People might think of their annual trip to pick out a Christmas Tree when they look at a Norway Spruce, and they are exactly right! The Norway Spruce is a large pyramidal tree that is dark green in color with long, cylindrical cones. Not only are they extremely popular for the holiday season, but...
Tree ID: 100
Date of tree entry: February 6, 2019
This elegant pine tree sits atop the Marsh Gardens, next to the walkway of Greeley Memorial Laboratory. It towers above the other trees and plants in the immediate surroundings. As an evergreen, it keeps its green foliage throughout the winter, while its neighbors shed their leaves.
Tree ID: 85
Date of tree entry: March 28, 2018
The lacebark pine, also known as Bunge's pine or the white-barked pine, is a pine tree native to the mountainous regions of northeast and central China. It can reach heights of 25 m and can withstand temperatures down to -26 degrees Celsius. It's known for its trademark "lace"...
Tree ID: 77
Date of tree entry: April 23, 2017
The Himalayan Pine is a beautiful tree native to the Himalayas, Karakoram, and Hindu Kush mountains. It is a coniferous evergreen that grows in altitudes of ~2000-4000 meters. The tree can grow up to 50 meters in height, but is more often 10 to 30 meters tall. It grows quickly and can thrive in...
Tree ID: 34
Date of tree entry: March 3, 2016
The majestic Austrian pine stands tall in a small courtyard near Luce Hall on Hillhouse Avenue. Horticulturalist Dr. Carl Whitcomb noted that the Austrian pine "rivals all pines in durability under adverse conditions," making it one of the toughest of all European pines. Austrian pines...
Tree ID: 30
Date of tree entry: February 3, 2015
The white fir is native to the mountainous regions of the Pacific coast to central Colorado, and from central Oregon and southeastern Idaho to northern Mexico. They can grow in a variety of environments, from high elevation with long, snowy winters to lower elevation with warmer weather and lower...
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