Tree ID: 145
Date of tree entry: February 17, 2022
Our tree (Cornus florida) is the flowering dogwood. Flowering dogwoods are small deciduous trees; while our tree is only 9 feet tall today, flowering dogwood trees grow to 33 feet high and are often wider than they are tall when mature. The trunk diameter will grow up to one foot. Flowering...
Tree ID: 136
Date of tree entry: April 27, 2021
The kousa dogwood, which belongs to the Cornales order and the Cornaceae family, is an angiosperm. It is one of the sixty-five dogwood species that belong to the Cornus genus. This kousa dogwood is located in Bethesda, Maryland in an area with a large tree population. Several other kousa dogwood...
Full image of the Red osier dogwood.
Tree ID: 112
Date of tree entry: February 24, 2021
The red osier dogwood is a deciduous thicket-forming shrub with dark red winter stems, and it can grow up to 1.4-6 m tall. This shrub is mostly known for its stunning dark red winter stems which in winter often stand in stark contrast to the surrounding snow. Beyond that, this shrub is monoecious...
Tree ID: 47
Date of tree entry: March 2, 2016
Cornus florida, commonly known as the flowering dogwood, is a beautiful tree located along the perimeter of the interior of the Grove Street Cemetery. Given its location right at the entrance and the bench placed under its relatively expanisve canopy, this tree welcomes visitors to the green space...
Tree ID: 28
Date of tree entry: April 13, 2014
Between the entrances of the Peabody Museum and Yale's Environmental Science Center, this small tree brings great beauty to the area with its bright yellow flowers, greenish twigs, and dark brown branches. Its scientific name, "Cornus mas", comes from the word cornu which means “horn...
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